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Nutritional Counseling

The Importance of Nutritional Counseling from Natural Healing Center of Troy

The modern healthcare system has a number of major problems facing it in this new decade. One problem that continues to become bigger and bigger is obesity. More children and adults fall under the category of overweight or obese in this country than at any other time in history. For this reason, a number of other chronic medical conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure, are also becoming more common. At the Natural Healing Center of Troy, Dr. Tina Maruszewski provides exceptional nutritional counseling services in Troy, MI. Allow us to help you.


The Principles of Nutritional Counseling at the Natural Healing Center of Troy

At the Natural Healing Center of Troy, we believe in the power of nutritional counseling. To that end, we have a number of principles that we follow to make sure that our care is tailored to the needs of our patients. These include:

Non-Judgmental: Weight and nutrition issues are hard for people to address. There is still a strong stigma that exists in our society. That is why we are here to listen to our patients in a non-judgmental way. While we want to know what has happened in the past, our focus in on helping you get better.

Setting Goals: We know that people want to get to a healthier version of themselves; however, to get there, we need to set goals along the way. We are going to work with our patients to help them set goals. This might be cutting out sugary drinks. This might be removing junk food. We are going to with our patients regularly to make sure they are meeting those milestones.

Well-Rounded Approach: In order for our nutritional counseling to work, this needs to be a well-rounded approach. To that end, we are going to incorporate both diet and exercise. We want to attack the issue from all sides. That gives us and our patients the best chance possible at attaining a successful outcome.

We believe these principles allow us to provide exceptional, compassionate care to everyone who comes to us. Come and see why our approach has been so effective over the years!

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At the Natural Healing Center of Troy, we believe in placing the patient first. We are here to listen to you in a non-judgmental, compassionate, and caring manner. We know that you have worked hard. We are here to not only get you healthy but keep you that way as well. Please call us today to make an appointment with our team in Troy, MI. We look forward to working with you.