Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can impact your every movement. From walking to sitting, to doing the activities you love. Lower back pain can inhibit your movement and cause you to miss out on life. Fortunately, our team at Natural Healing Center of Troy can reduce or even eliminate lower back pain using chiropractic care. Best of all, chiropractic care does not rely on pain medication or surgery to provide the pain relief that you need.


What Causes Back Pain?

Usually, back pain will stem from one of two sources. Lower back pain can be acute and sudden, which usually stems from an injury. This can be anything from a slip and fall to an automobile accident. Acute pain as a result of an injury is usually caused by a sprain or strain to the soft tissues in the back or a fracture to the bones.

Although, lower back pain can come from any number of diseases and health conditions. Some of these are degenerative, such as spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease. Other conditions may stem from common ailments that lead to arthritis or sciatica. These conditions usually have a gradual onset and worsen with age and time.

The Symptoms of Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain can range in severity from a dull and annoying ache to a sharp and stabbing pain. Different injuries and conditions can impact the pain a person feels. Furthermore, there are often accompanying symptoms with back pain that can include numbness or tingling. With lower back pain, the buttocks, legs, and feet will often feel a tingling sensation. Often, this is an indication that a disc is damaged or ruptured.

How a Chiropractor Can Help

Luckily, our chiropractor can help with common lower back pain issues. Using chiropractic treatments, we set out to restore balance and alignment to the body by putting the skeletal and muscular systems in alignment with one another. To do this, our chiropractor will rely on several tools and techniques which may include manual manipulation, heat therapy, medical massage, exercise, strengthening, and stretching. Sometimes the chiropractor may use just one technique or combine several to provide pain relief and assist the recovery process.

Lower Back Pain Relief in Troy, MI

At Natural Healing Center of Troy, we understand just how painful lower back pain can be and the effect it can have on your life. We offer innovative and non-invasive treatment options to help common back conditions and injuries. If lower back pain has become a part of your life, find the treatment you need through chiropractic care at Natural Healing Center of Troy. Call us today at 248-289-6506 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Maruszewski.