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Cold Laser Therapy

Get Cold Laser Therapy to Treat Your Pain

Are you looking for treatment for aches and pains? Natural Healing Center of Troy in Troy, MI, can help you. Our techniques, such as cold laser therapy, are practical, non-invasive, and non-surgical treatment approaches for pains and aches.


What Is Cold Laser Therapy?

Cold laser therapy is a new technique that energizes damaged tissues with low-level lasers. It hastens your healing and reduces inflammation. Cold laser therapy fosters cell regeneration by stimulating mitochondria. It can also trigger the body to heal faster after an injury.

How Cold Laser Therapy Works

Once you visit our facility, a chiropractor will examine your suitability for the treatment. The chiropractor will diagnose the root cause of your condition and analyze your medical history. These checks ensure the treatment will treat your issues.

Cold laser therapy triggers the healing of one's tissues using light waves. The technique treats acute or chronic pain. The chiropractor puts the laser over the sore region for some time. The duration depends on the injury's size and nature.

Light photons from a handheld gadget pass over your skin. They penetrate the skin to reach the injured area. The photons relieve the injured tissue's inflammation and pain.

A chiropractor uses cold laser therapy to improve one's ligaments, nerve endings, muscles, and cartilage. It can also treat arthritis pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, back pain, tendonitis, and knee pain.

Why Choose Our Cold Laser Therapy?

Different techniques can help with your pain, but we recommend our cold laser therapy for various reasons.

  1. Heal faster: This technique impedes the formation of scar tissues and triggers quick wound healing. It prompts the reabsorption of fibrotic tissues, hastening your recovery.
  2. Relieve inflammation and pain: The laser's light photons reduce the swelling of inflamed joints. They also offer improved joint mobility and trigger tissue regeneration.
  3. Administered by professionals: We screen our chiropractors before hiring them. The screening looks at their experience, qualifications, and professionalism. All our employees are excellent at their job, meaning you will get the best service.
  4. Safe and non-invasive: This treatment uses mild, harmless, non-invasive laser light photons to reduce pain and heal injuries. It has no side effects, and you need not worry about needles or surgery.

Relieve Your Pain With Our Cold Laser Therapy

Natural Healing Center of Troy offers expert, reliable, and affordable chiropractic care in Troy, MI. We strive to provide the best treatment to our clients. Our team comprises leading specialists in various fields. We leverage multiple techniques to treat our clients, such as cold laser therapy.

Visit us today to get cold laser therapy to treat your pain and aches.