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  • Dr. Tina Maruszewski

    My patients usually call me Dr. Tina

    I have been caring for patients since 2000. Even though I have extensive post-graduate studies in Applied Kinesiology, Functional Medicine and have completed the Advanced Clinical Training Graduate program in Nutrition Response Testing. I have learned the most from people I’ve had the opportunity to treat, my patients!  Most recently, I have completed Dr. Chi’s Fingernail and Tongue Analysis, using different herbs to help achieve optimal health.

    My patients are the reason why I love what I do. Some of them have been friends, colleagues, family members, and just regular people who have come into my practice either from a referral or just off the street with hopes I CAN HELP them. In return, I have learned lots! I will continue to learn and use all my knowledge to help each person that enters my practice to achieve their health goals.

    Every-body is unique, there is no cookie-cutter formula. Two people can come in with the same exact complaint, but the treatment is completely different. This is why each patient's care is specific to them.

    My background in Muscle Testing gives me the advantage when it comes to using Functional Medicine as an information tool. Muscle testing allows me to fine-tune a patient's program utilizing a very different method of analysis. I care for all ages, genders, and athletic abilities.

    Some of the most common conditions that improve with nutrition include,
    but not limited to:








    Weight Issue, both over and underweight individuals

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