Prenatal Chiropractic

Prenatal Chiropractic Care from Your Chiropractor in Troy, MI

A pregnancy often begins with excited expectations, but brings pain and other discomfort as it advances.  Prenatal chiropractic treatment at our Natural Healing Center of Troy resolves problems in areas such as the neck and the back by realigning the spinal cord and soft tissues.  Our Troy, MI chiropractor uses only natural, non-invasive therapies as treatment options.


Understanding Prenatal Chiropractic Services

Prenatal chiropractic is a category of services we use to treat patients during pregnancy.  The goal of the various therapies available is correcting misalignment of spinal components, lowering pressure on nerves, and giving the individual a sense of well-being.  These services are also beneficial for resolving problems linked to pelvic misalignment and balance in pregnant patients.

Prenatal services are considered safe for the patient and her unborn child because the chiropractor offering them has received specialized training for treating pregnant patients.  All of the therapies avoid putting any excessive pressure on the abdomen.  Many doctors who provide these prenatal services prescribe exercises and stretches for pregnant patients and use treatment tables that adjust to accommodate them.

There is one significant difference between prenatal services and standard chiropractic treatment.  Prenatal treatment always takes into account how alterations in physiology and endocrinology during a pregnancy can cause spinal or joint misalignment.

Prenatal Treatment Benefits

Our Troy, MI chiropractor stresses that patients can realize many potential benefits from prenatal chiropractic services during pregnancy.  These are among the most important:

  • Healthier pregnant experience
  • Relief of discomfort in the neck, joints, and/or back
  • Avoidance of some Caesarean sections for delivery
  • Control of nausea
  • Reduced labor and delivery time
  • Patient education regarding nutrition and home care

One study indicated that for patients who took advantage of prenatal services, labor time reductions reached up to 39 percent.  Following a comprehensive exam and assessment of history and complaints, each patient receives a customized treatment plan.  Core elements include at-home stretches and exercises.

Common therapies included in prenatal chiropractic treatment are therapeutic exercises, mobilization of joints, and soft-tissue therapy.  Each treatment plan also accounts for changes in the body such as weight increase and loosened ligaments.

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Whether you are tired, lack energy, suffer from frequent illness, or just feel below your optimal level of wellness, our Natural Healing Center of Troy chiropractor can help identify and correct problems.  The focus of our Troy, MI practice is determining where a patient’s problem arises, not just the location of pain or other discomfort.  Enjoy optimal health during your pregnancy by investigating our prenatal chiropractic services.  Call us today at 248-289-6506 to schedule a consultation and look forward to feeling your best.