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Dr. Tina Maruszewski
Your Troy Chiropractor

  • "Skilled practitioner who does what she can to diagnosis and treat issues with alternative means versus with pharmaceuticals which tend to temporarily mask the symptoms."
    - Patricia L.
  • "My husband and I have been helped immensely by Dr Tina. We are boomers and I had spent time overseas in difficult environments that depleted my health. I was doubtful that I could rebound at this age but she has performed miracles. She really got it and I am 100 times better. I have been to many other practitioners over the years, and I have found her to be very conservative in recommending products. She's the real deal.""
    - Kathy C.
  • "Dr. Tina is my Doctor she is very caring and an answer to prayer. After the 2nd bout of cancer, I found her. She helped me with her wisdom in healthy Food supplements and change of diet. I can recommend her as an EXPERT in healthy living. Thank you, DR TINA."
    - Gretel R.
  • "I absolutely recommend Dr. Tina, she’s amazing and very knowledgeable! She helped my mom and I get on track with a healthy lifestyle, cleaning our systems from impurity’s, and also aligning my spine. She’s patient, answers all questions (even those you may be shy about :) and best of all...NO MEDICINE, NO PAIN, and NO SURGERY is involved. She recommends food based supplements that have totally changed my life. I’m very grateful for Dr. Tina and her practice. Invest in yourself, you only have one body!"
    - Jamie P.
  • "I love Dr. Tina! She is very knowledgeable of homeopathic remedies. Her skill in nutrition response testing is miraculous. She treasures each individual patient, and her business. You learn with her during your visits. I went in with several complaints. Dr. Tina found that while I was in decent health there areas I needed a boost in. She started with my main issue in order to repair my various imbalances. She gave me the starting supplements, which initially may be a lot, then adjusted things each visit according to what she finds. Her goal is to better your well-being! My health is MUCH improved. Many of my previous symptoms have either decreased or vanished. I've become more aware of my physical changes and needs seeing her! Now that I'm expecting she continues with great guidance . My pregnancy is going very well and I believe it's inpart due to her holistic advice. I feel blessed to have found natural, honest care close by! Thank you!"
    - Becca O.
  • "Dr. Tina is wonderful! She has changed my life; thus, teaching me the importance of healthy eating and putting me on a life-long road of wellness."
    - Beverly Childress