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Myotonic Facilitation

Joint dysfunction is something that more people suffer from than you might imagine. While treatments like surgery and other invasive procedures might seem like the best method of treatment, they can be debilitating, painful, and can take a great deal of time and toll on your body even though they might be considered treatment. There are other options that are available to help with neurological, muscular, and even the skeletal aspects of joint dysfunction and how to effectively treat it.


What is Myotonic Facilitation Treatment?

The technique works to address the skeletal component of the body by slowly distracting the locked joints. This is going to help resolve issues with the skeletal problems and to help start treatment. In terms of the muscular component of treatment, this approach works to help target specific muscles at the attachment point of the joint. This approach also works to address the neurological components as well by reprogramming memory of the muscle with stimulation.

This multi-faceted and multi-step approach works to address all the issues at hand and to make sure that each aspect of the joint dysfunction is addressed to make for the most well rounded and entire approach. Making sure that something as serious as joint dysfunction is fully addressed is one of the best ways to get the end result that you want and to make sure that treatment is going to work.

Where to find Myotonic Facilitation

This is not a treatment that just anyone can perform or that you can find anywhere. You need to find a licensed and well-trained physician to perform this type of treatment. Dr. Tina Maruszewski Myotonic Facilitation with the Natural Healing Center of Troy can help you to find the best treatment for your issues and can do so in a safe and truly fantastic center. They offer a range of treatments and do have a wonderful team to make sure that you are assisted at every step of the process.

This is a wonderful treatment that is focused on the overall treatment of many different issues and many different ailments. The world of medicine has come so far in the past few years and there are now more treatments that are more innovative, more focused on true and total treatment, and more focused on making sure that patients are able to leave the center feeling better and being able to do more.

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You may have been living with pain for years but the pain does not have to be the norm. With the right treatment you can get better, you can feel better, and you can live life to the fullest even if you previously lived with pain. You can call us at 248-289-6506 to schedule an appointment today!