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Welcome to Natural Healing Center of Troy


I am helping people in this community overcome the challenges of fatigue, weight issues, irritable bowel, anxiety, depression, ADD, ADHD, Autism and other health related conditions. Every day in our practice we work with individuals to help identify the stresses in the way of their healing.

If you are tired, lacking energy, frequently ill, anxious, depressed or “hormonal”…


What we do as a team here is very UNIQUE AND DIFFERENT EVEN compared to most other therapies. It is what we do DIFFERENT that gets the results where other therapies may fail concerning your health and getting your life back. We are focused on Results Driven Wellness.

Nutrition Response Testing

Nutrition Response Testing is one of the most advanced and effective techniques in existence today. It is a non-invasive system of analyzing neurological reflexes and acupuncture points to detect nutritional imbalances and possible causes of ill health.

During the analysis I will test your reflexes for specific organs and tissues. After diagnosing the problem areas, I create a customized clinical nutritional program based on the exact needs YOUR body. This includes precisely tailored dosages of any necessary support.

At the Natural Healing Center of Troy I utilize only the highest-quality, clinically-proven all-natural food based supplements and homeopathic products that are specially processed to preserve all of the active enzymes and vital components. And I only prescribe from the most advanced, progressive supplement companies with real science and clinical study behind their products.

Can Nutrition Response Testing help me? This technique often allows us to deliver breakthrough results, even to clients who have been chronically ill for many years. I utilize this protocol to identify:

  • Toxicity (metal, chemical and radiation)
  • Candida and parasitic infestations
  • Hidden bacterial and viral infections
  • Primary reactions to foods, chemicals and other substances
  • Weak and malfunctioning organs
  • Nutritional deficiencies

If you are ready to get well, call today and make your appointment for your first exam - we think you’ll be excited to see how we can help you obtain optimal health! 248-289-6506.

Corrective Chiropractic Care

My training has taught me to look at body mechanics. To figure out where the problem is coming from, not just where the pain is at, so I look at the whole picture, not just parts. With my background in Applied Kinesiology I understand how all of the parts work together and my goal is to get the areas of dysfunction to return to a state of normal function. Thus, getting YOUR body working the way it was intended to.

If you would like to experience corrective chiropractic care that truly works and want a change from the ordinary, don’t hesitate and call today!

Dr. Tina Maruszewski
Troy Chiropractor | Natural Healing Center of Troy | 248-289-6506

6915 Rochester Rd. Suite 300
Troy, MI 48085

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  • Dr.
    Tina Maruszewski

    I have been caring for patients since 2000. Even though I have extensive post graduate studies in Applied Kinesiology and have completed the Advanced Clinical Training Graduate program in Nutrition Response Testing, I have learned the most from people I’ve had the opportunity to treat, my patients! My patients are the reason why I love what I do. 

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  • "Dr. Tina is wonderful! She has changed my life; thus, teaching me the importance of healthy eating and putting me on a life-long road of wellness."
    - Beverly Childress

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